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4 titres, street punk oi! furax alsacien v/s oi! plus posée de Reims, chaque groupe repend un titre de l'autre. Labels : Rusty knife - bourre pif - Maloka - Ronce - Adrenaline. 2016

After several demo tapes, and several years in the making, here is the Hondartzako Hondakinak debut EP, straight from the Northern Basque country (French part). Manic, unprofessional and crude hardcore punk sung in Euskara, with straight to the point lyrics that deals with ecology, capitalism, punk, religion, etc.

# TRAVERSE "Winter Songs From Summer Bruises" EP
Traverse are a punk band from Paris. They formed during the summer of 2015 and the band members play (or used to play) in Wank For Peace, The Helltons, Mon Autre Groupe, Homesick, Intenable,... This is their debut release available on 7" colour vinyl from Brasseneck records, Bad Wolf, BMA…

# VEUVE SS ‎”O.P.L.T. & O.S.C.” EP
VeuveSS is back with an new 7″, pushing further their disgust for every sound that is clean, nice and polished. 5 new songs with heavy dirty riffs, somewhere between hardcore and sludge, rageous drumming and disgusted vocals. Such a killer release. White silk screen on white paper and white vinyl.